I Believe is a song about those times when you don't believe in yourself but luckily someone else does.

The #IBelieve video connects the song with what other people believe around the world by feeding live tweets that feature the words “I Believe” into the video in real-time.

The video will change every time it is watched.

#ibelieve VIDEO

All beliefs are pulled in live from Twitter as you watch.


Huge and heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in helping make #IBelieve:

Creative Director: Naresh Ramchandani

Director of Photography (performance): Jeff Baynes

Director of Photography (portraits): Dave Watts

Editor: Luke LeBihan

Colorist : Paul J. Bates

Web Developers: Matt Kibbler and Glyn Cotton of Soldercreative.co.uk

Producer: Andy Hobsbawm

With special thanks to:
Yorgo Lykouria for the canal walks, Nick Edwards for the Twitter idea, picturesque portrait people Fran Watts, Chris Ward, Alex Adams, Catriona Watts, Kelsey Highley, Dave Watts, Tom Edwards and Anna Watts, and the late Simon Laurie for his original inspiration and editing – who we'd like to dedicate this to.


We made a 'broadcast' version of the video with fixed captions for YouTube and other places where the live Twitter version can't be easily embedded.


You can download "I Believe" on Bandcamp and in all the usual online places, or listen to it below.